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Our mission is empowering people to be better by utilizing our 3 step process, Treat-Prevent-Enhance, which are safe, comfortable and effective methods of integrative manual therapy.  Using non-invasive and drug-free options to function better, our clients and athletes feel better fast, realize their full potential and enhance their quality of life.  We created a strategic equation, (M)3 Power, for improving and maintaining your health.  This formula, Treat-Prevent-Enhance, embodies the progressive health-care plan we personalize for you.


The intention of empowerment is the underpinnings of our therapeutic intervention.  We empower you to be better by following our distinctive formula (M)3 Power.  The equation foundation of Guiding Principles supports our Core Values.  This synergy is embedded throughout our organization and reinforced by our Clinicians who treat clients with compassion and understanding.  True healing is fostered in our relationships with ourselves and others.


The Logo


Guiding Principles

Core Values

The Logo Defined


(M) - Represents empowerment.  At M Power Therapeutics we give you power and enable you the ability to make changes in your life.  Our "erupting M" {the M rises up from the parenthesis} symbolizes empowerment as a catalyst to inertia, to initiate movement, change direction, or change momentum, like, speed, intensity, and duration.


(3) - Represents our process of Treatment, Prevention & Enhancement. We facilitate the healing process empowering you to Treat your complaints or dysfunction, Prevent future occurrences, and Enhance your potential.


(Power) - Is the Dynamic Relationship created between Client & Clinician, which involves interpersonal, non-verbal & didactic communication. Focused on evaluating the Client’s complaint using our body of clinical knowledge that includes human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, palpation and technical skill to execute procedures with precision and speed.



- We allow you to participate in setting therapy and personal goals.

- We give authority and responsibility to you without the fear of losing credit or control of the situation.

- We share information, spending time mentoring and sharing our expertise.

- We equip you with the resources, tools and skills necessary to succeed.

- We praise you often to make you stronger and grow your own confidence.


We designed (M)3 Power,Treat-Prevent-Enhance, to evoke a total body approach to therapy for improving and maintaining your health.  Our job is to help you Feel, Function, Perform, Look and simply, BE BETTER.


Guiding Principles


- We adamantly follow Hippocrates Oath: BE HARMLESS.

- We recognize and respect the body’s innate intelligence for homeostasis.

- We believe that Manual Therapy and increasing kinesthetic intelligence benefits everyone.


We direct the healing process using the Client’s subjective information, such as, complaints, health history and exam results, coupled with the Clinician’s objective information from the initial evaluation and assessment.  This process of identifying, collecting and analyzing data creates a dynamic relationship between the client and clinician.

Core Values


- We create a safe and nurturing community working with compassion, honesty, and integrity.

- We provide and promote excellence in health care, education, service and leadership.

- We endorse professional ideals that promote standards of practice and a code of ethics.


M Power Therapeutics improves and maintains your health through Touch Therapy.  Incorporating the science of therapy and  the art of touch, the Clinician uses fingers, hand, arm, elbow, foot or other agents like Young Living™ prescription strength oils, Microcurrent and Kinesio Taping®, to identify, manipulate, and monitor somatic dysfunction and soft tissue changes in order to eliminate pain, reduce stress, and restore normal properties or homeostasis.